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Month: June, 2012

The Michael Jackson of Hip Hop

Three years ago on this date the planet lost more than a musician, it lost an example of passion & love. 

I remember where I was when I first go the news…I think I had just gotten Twitter, but I was coming back from West Virginia with a dead phone when the news struck the masses. When I charged my phone up & it turned on, the first message was a text that read:

“It’s crazy that Michael Jackson is dead isnt it?” 

It took like 2 weeks for it to set in…I do believe I was listening to “You Are Not Alone” when I almost shed a tear for the world. It is still a sad moment in the music industry…

I remember when I was young tryna dance like Mike…I even used to try an sing like him. When I grew up & actually started listening to the music he was making, I understood the power of what music truly is. I’d say that was around 10 or so years ago. I began to write my songs with purpose & meaning. Hopefully telling stories that would move somebody into ACTION. I just wasnt specific into what action I wanted to move people….

…I am now (for the most part)….

Once I hit the stage for the first time…it became quite obvious that I was nowhere CLOSE to a Mike Jackson performance!!! It honestly broke my heart knowing I wasnt “living up to par” in this mans musical shadow. So I practiced…

Even till this day, practicing is a solid 3 hours every other day. If I have a show coming up I will practice everyday for about 2-3 hours minimum. I don’t dance around the stage…but I do grab my nuts often!!!

What Im basically getting at through this blog:

I miss Mike…I truly do…. 
But through ME he will live on…but only in a different genre.

Long Live The King!


The Reign of King James

I don’t really politic with sports like most people on this country, but I do pay attention to what I feel is important. When LeBron James FIRST came into the NBA and was called “The New Michael Jordan” I thought it was funny as fuck! Me & LeBron are no more than a year apart in age, but I doubted that claim of him being anything like “His Royal Air-ness”.

Fast Forward:

Bron has the entire industry of Cleveland under his wing & behind his EVERY choice he makes. He got buildings, statues & structures built in his name. Some were even built for his personal use. If Ü ask me, dude was unstoppable!!!

Still didnt make me wanna watch him play the game tho….but he had respect from me….

…until he left Cleveland….

I honestly don’t think people comprehend how much respect he lost…as an individual. I mean, sure…he is nice on the court. But leaders are judged by the choices that they make. Not even saying it like I make ALLLL the best decisions that could possibly be made EVER! But I don’t believe that ring is worth what he lost…

Or better yet!! What he GAVE UP…

It must be hard being compared to someone or people who made impacts on the planet…but I guess its even harder knowing one of your teammates is fucking ya moms. Either way…

Congratulations to Lebron. and the rest of the Miami Heat…but Detroit is going all the way next year!!!


Summer of Kings 2012

On the 1st day of Summer in 2009 I claimed it as one for The Kings. This is the 3rd year that I have done this. What started as a way to separate myself from those that claim to be what I Am, turned into the definition of my generations (as of yet reached) pinnacle. 

I have not written a blog during The Summer of Kings ever…so I guess this is grand time for those that are  able to read this as it is delivered!!!!

Reason why?

Ü have a chance to read what I am about & watch it take place without ever having to meet me in person. The actual emotional ride will take place before your eyes as Ü read the words. And my experiences might intermingle with things that even Ü may have experienced in the past. 

Im quite proud of what it has turned out to become as of current!!! The future is untold until I write it down…I would like for Ü to follow me on the #TwitShyt  (@NUKnoE) for the “play by play”, but it’s honestly not even that serious…all I do is talk shyt on that thang….


But alas, I must bid the Royals ado…


NÜK Image

Taking A Break

I find it hard to sit down & do NOTHING.
Its just not me… 

So for the next month or so ( after my performance on the 29th) I will be attempting to “Take A Break”. I don’t want anything to do with anything I have been doing unless it REQUIRES my attention.

I recently had a show in Pittsburgh and then IMMEDIATELY after I got off the stage I drove to Cleveland. Didnt arrive till like 330am. when I woke up (8am) to do yard work in the sun…this white guy comes over and introduces himself to me. We sitting there speaking about the house & the block & then he starts telling me drunk stories about Christmas Trees & Roofing and shyt of that nature. 

Out of NOWHERE dude shows me a picture of Coolio!!! Who he says is still doing shows at festivals and whatnot. Then I had no choice to tell him that I was in the industry. Then the conversation turned “business” as we both gave oral resumes to each other, come to find out…dude throws festivals for the fuck of it & had been doing so for a while. 

There was a point during all of this where he told me that he is taxidermist & he was putting together  a deer in his garage…

When THAT happened, I was trying to break conversation with dude!!!

But he wouldn’t allow it!!! So we continued to speak…in the SUN!!! He then invites me to a bon fire later that night….”Its a text message party that we do about once a month…”


Long story short, I have been working on “have a grand summer” for about a year and a half now, musically speaking. I think its about time that I actually DO IT. I owe it to myself. I have completed an EP, recently dropped a mixtape, I have been writing a few singles for a “Summer Release” and by the end of this month I will have performed 3 shows that were “taxing” time on my life. 

I just want to clear my mind for a short while & see something other than what I have been….do something…different….change a lil bit….

















     A lot (if not ALL) of the people who are following this blog might not even know I am an Entertainer in the the Music Industry. That’s not my main purpose of writing this blog. I actually started writing blogs on the advice of a friend who said I “needed another route of venting”.

 So this blog thing comes from that…my need to vent…

WhatEVER it may be!!!  

People tend to often read my words & mistake them for “anger’…when they say that…I know Im getting my point across to that persons mind. At times…

…The Passion of Christ flows thru my finger tips….


…I dont force my words…nor will I force anyone to read them….& that might be an issue…


Embracing The Difference of Change

I dont want to to be long winded…but at the same time…I want to to be comprehended…

There are a LOT of people of in the world that WISH for a change.

There are even MORE people who HOPE for a change.

But there are about…13 people that are MAKING a change.

I am not even saying I am one of those 13 people…but I strive for CHANGE!!! And not that Obama type change. I want to grow & move on to the next thing. I do not like or even want to be around stagnated surroundings. 

People do not even realize how complacent they become until it’s just about too late and then they attempt to SPEAK about making a change. Some REFUSE to make a change even if it would be for the better…remember Katrina??? Right…

All Im saying is…

Being different & unique is a beautiful thing…


…just don’t believe that the best thing for Ü is to embrace being “One of a Kind”. Then Ü will be the same as the next “Unique” person….


Love Ü 2 Life!

If Ü have ever lost a loved one….did it EVER cross your mind that MAYBE….it was some fault of your own?
Maybe if Ü could have done everything within your power…


But what if Ü didn’t even know THAT was the type of power that Ü possessed?  

As a writer, I am a firm believer in the power of words. I attempt to be careful with how I use them (even though I purposely SLAUGHTER Anglish) & even phrase them. I know how HEARING something constantly will make a person believe that as a reality. No matter what it is….

Like saying Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive…


My point?

It is NOT possible to love something to death, especially when even after life the sentiments are still the same. 

NÜK Image

Choices They Make For You

As I sit here with my brother watching him play this game, all I can think of is…

What if we didn’t have electricity???

I would be forced to write these thoughts of mine down on….



Life as we all know it would be stabbed with a chainsaw!!! Would you believe you would have to actually SPEAK to people instead of TYPE to them???

I have faith that we would eventually be ok…but there are some people that wouldn’t & couldn’t coop without some “juice”…

I wish I could say I am willing to make & take that plunge into being “Unplugged”….just so my readers could believe that its possible.

But sadly…
We are in the same boat…

…but Im that crazy dude who everyone thinks has gone MAD!!!

*shrugs & draws on the wall with a crayon*


The Sight Of Future Things!

It is a new month!
It is also the 1st of the Summer months…but its ESKIMO BALLS COLD out here in Pittsburgh!!!

This does NOT have me worried though. Just being aware that the weather is not the only thing having a change is what can & will separate the weak from the strong.  

I reflect of life as we know it so frequently that I have very rarely spent time planning for the future, or living in the moment. I usually wake up & just GO!!! All gas NO brakes at times. 

I am bring that to a slow coastal stroll this Summer. Even though I intend on setting up shows for every other week, I intend on making the world mold around me. I no longer have the desire to mold into the “comforts” of mainstream thinking.

Look around!!! Work on a Sunday is SAD if truly think about it. That day used to be a day for family & enjoying the moment. THAT moment has long since left the masses & I want NO parts of it. Which is a MAJOR change in itself!!! 

Being that I feel this way….I want the reads of this blog to feel the same as well. I know most that read this will not speak their peace with someone they view as a “Stranger”, so I welcome you to follow me on Twitter or Join the group I have started on Facebook. 

If you need that information from me, just ASK!!!
I got chu!!!