Living Life & Loving It

Month: May, 2012


     Because I felt that The Law of Attraction is not explained in a functioning & easy to relate way, I started a group on Facebook. It is about 5 months old and I would still like to say that it is VERY young. I have around 15-20 active members out of 60. I delete the dead weight regularly & post in the group Monday – Saturday.

I am not too sure if YOU personally are in very many groups on Facebook, but I would like to believe that the group I start is more than a “group on Facebook”. I have had an AMAZING response from the ladies in my group. Yes, LADIES!!! The group is predominately female & I am honestly blessed that they rock with what I am doing!!!

Without going into much detail, I have noticed that the world that WE live in has, not only fallen apart, but has also been set on fire!!! I just wanted to bring something a bit different to the table. Maybe refine a few of my own personal qualities in the process. I welcome ALL who are interested in self refinement & becoming more attractive to the present to join the group in the link provided!!!

Thanks in advance for reading!!! Ill see YOU in the group!!!


The Unexpected Happens

Let’s face it, winning is the ONLY option! 

I can see NOTHING else but a win in EVERYTHING that I do! The reason I feel such a way? 

Let me tell you a story…

Naw, better yet!

Allow me to reach into YOUR mind a pull a memory!!! I can do that type of thing…

You remember that time you fell of your bike and even though it was crazy, you still attempted to ride that bike! It eventually got to the point where you rode bike like a champ!!! You could ride ANY bike!!! You might have even rode a bike with no brakes at one point in your life…

I can’t see all that in yo mind right now…

My Point?

 There are steps that MUST be taken in EVERYTHING that we do in life. Even if you WIN miserably (because failure is no longer in my vocabulary), you have still gained experience to try it again. Taking baby steps instead giant strides…

Progress is the process of exercising your experiences. The unexpected WILL happen…

Learn From It!