What Entertains The Entertainer?

by NÜK

More and more each day I feel that I am coming to a point where I am EXPECTED to act & be a certain type of way. I have NO ideal where this came from…well…maybe I do, but still. I can’t sit here and act like I LIKE to play the role that I play, especially when there are VERY few people who can reciprocate the feelings & emotions that I so often invoke in others.

Not saying it like “Im tired of this shyt!”, but I feel that I am becoming bored with MY audience. They are not feeding me enough of what I feel keeps me going. There are irritating me to a certain extent by TRYING to be something that I can tell they are not. Its almost like a lightweight mockery. Maybe I should say something? I am pretty harsh with my words being that I DO NOT sugar coat my direct feelings. Don’t blame me, blame your situation.

Just one day I would like to sit back and be entertained on the level that I entertain by those that find me entertaining. I honestly feel that it might not happen though, I have an acute sense of humor. If you find Kevin Heart funny, more than likely, your life is in shambles and you might need medical attention.

I can find humor in a man getting his face eaten.
I can find humor in a man ripping out his own intestines & throwing them at police.
I can find humor in watch a bird fly into a window.

Yea….I just might be a little touched in the head. But I do not find ANYTHING humorous in watching people die on a MASS DESTRUCTION level by local task forces. Yet, there are many people who do. There are people out here killing each other for PAPER THAT ISNT REAL, and the local news can & will make a mockery out of it. There are people in this country who are actually enjoying the death of families overseas all in the name of a war that should have been over 10 years ago.

Let me quit my ramblings….

So why did the chicken cross the line???
Because it didnt give ONE fuck at all!!!