Making Money Moves & Music (The 4M Method)

by NÜK

If you listen to the music I make on a consistent basis you will hear my say that phrase….a LOT! It is actually a mantra of sorts that I adhere to 24 hours a day. I have been living that lifestyle for around 5 years now. Even as I write thing, music is playing in the background. I wake up and the first thing I do (even before I go to the bathroom) is put on music.

I sleep with music playing.
I listen to music while I “work”.
And I KNOW a lot of people put music on when they have sex!
Its good for that rhythmic stroke if you ask me….

I am CONSTANTLY on the move! Even when I sleep!!! I know some people are reading that like “that mothafucka is TRIPPING”. But fareal…I go to sleep & dream about the moves that I plan to make when I wake up. Once I do actually arise, I do something like this & write my thoughts down on paper, getting them out of my mind and then I go about my day. That is a small part of the process of “taking things one day at a time”. People tend to go to sleep with things on their mind & wake up with those SAME things on the mind. Thats like bring the past into the future with you. It truly destroys the present moment! 

As far as money is concerned….I do NOT like it, I just understand what it is used for & I try to use it accordingly. I never understood how a person with “more than enough money” can be so selfish with their blessing. But during the process of 4M, I have learned to help those who are around me with what I have been helped to achieve. It is a cycle that people are not accustomed to because of this selfish & vindictive world we live in. Once a person breaks free of the traps & snares that money brings, they usually live happier & more fulfilling lives. 

But dont take my word for it, try it out for yourself! Not say the 4M Method with work for you, but if you can grasp the concept of what I wrote, maybe you can tailor it to your own lifestyle.