It Begins NOW!

by NÜK

Yesterday I watch a Youtube video that just might forever change that way I view the world around me. It empowered me to CHANGE the world that I surround myself in. It also opened my eyes to the possibility that maybe I DO have the power to make a difference in this world that I live in. Above and beyond EVERYTHING else, it allowed me to see where I have been going wrong with certain tasks that I attempt in my 12 hour “work” day.

Up until that moment of watch the video, I have read MAYBE books on “becoming a better you” and things of that nature. NONE of them actually told me what steps I needed to take in order to make and SEE the change that I wanted to see. They only thing they really did was give me more books to look up and do research on.  After reading like 5 different books on the same subject, I became stuck in a thought process that truly didn’t allow me to see my true potential. Now I am ready to put what I have learned into action.

There are many of you who just might read this and feel the same way that I once did. My advice for you is to take a deep breath, look inside of yourself and focus on what it is that you would like to see accomplished. It is really that simple! Humans tend to over complicate things more than they should be. Life is SIMPLE! We are just distracted to the point that our minds (not brains) are overloaded with stuff that is useless. Who REALLY needs to know who Kim Kardasian is having sex with? I thought so….

Once you being to take back your life, it will all make sense! The first step in taking back your life is KNOWING who/what has control of it in the first place. Once you have made the conscious decision to make things better for yourself, things will start to become better!!! Thats just the way things work!!! At least how I have come to see it….