by NÜK

One of the most overused words in the english language.

Some people use it out of context.
Some use it to get their way.
Other say it to express themselves.
Most don’t feel they have to say it.

What ill try to do is break it down for yall in the way that I see it.
You can love someone in a few different ways:

In Love: to be down for a person/object till death
Love: to have strong emotions (anger,happiness,sadness…emotions damn it not jus happy joyful ones) for something

Most people Love a lot of things…
Love to have you around
Love how you fuck em
Love how you cook
Love the way you talk to em or listen
Love the way you like their music *wink wink*
Love to hate yo punk ass….

And that’s the reason that you are in that persons life…

That Love baby!

Its so commonly used today that it blends and merges with other words.

Most younger people don’t know the difference in Love Making and Fuckin!
So you might get fucked and think you was makin love (it happens)

What about that love for money?

O0o0o shyt!!!!
Who don’t love money jus alil bit?
Not like you gonna be sleepin wit cha money (once again…it happens…) but there’s still a Love for it.
All because of what it can do for you/to you.

So many people use Love in the wrong way.
My cuz just got put in the ER over love.
Not love for this female.
But for a child that could be his.
She used him.
Now he fucked up and in jail over what this bitch (excuse me ladies) did!

It was a point in tyme when I had 6 relationships in one year.

Said I loved at least 4 of they asses.
But when we broke up.



My bad yall…

Had a flashback….

But I said that to point out that the word is used to frequently to get what we want.

If a girl said she loves you and you feelin her you gonna go all out on her, buy her shyt and what not…
Then she leave yo punk bitch ass for the next sucka!
Vice Versa 2 so don’t get it twisted!

Its fucked up
But hey!
It is what it is…

Now about being In Love.

I feel that to be in love…or better yet…being in love…is a combination of things…

I could keep listing things but I feel you get the ideal…and if you don’t…read a book!!!

Being In Love doesnt happen overnight.
I feel it don’t happen in a few months.
It takes Time…

When you spend time with anything you tend to find more about it…

Ins, outs, where abouts, breaking points and the like…
That’s what makes you Love it!
You know it!
Studied it!

You know thing that most/majority of the people jus over looked…

Once you Love it…you begin to enjoy spending tyme…

Then your Emotions get involved…
You care about what happens to it
You try to protect it
You cherish it
Appreciate it
It becomes a part of your life!

Then you make sacrifices for it…
You won’t eat
Won’t sleep
Work harder
Hangout less
Change your friends
Erase your old

Do things that aren’t really wha chu like doin.
You Trust in this…lets call it and investment.
You Trust nothing will happen to it.
That it will always be there for you
It won’t and can’t let you down.
Then one day…



It does…



And you make a choice…

Will you remain In Love…


Jus Love…

This was jus some shyt that’s been on my mind…

I’m damn sure In Love…


I got married…

This blog was about my wife…

The whole reason I am who I am…

Many people used her and since I been with her I’ve done nothing less than treat her with the highest of respect…and she treats me better than most females have…we don’t fight

We have arguments but settle em quickly

I’ve been broke and she gave me money

I’ve had money and she would neva ask 4 it

Thru my downs n out

Trials and Tribulations

She’s been there for me since day none!

And still here now…

So I take this Time out of my life to give shouts to the one I’m In Love with…




Even death shall not part us…