Back On The Block!!!

by NรœK

Today I did something that I have not done in a looong while….I hustled on The Streets!!!

I have truly been wanting this day to come for a VERY long time!!! I used to be envious of my brother in Chicago because he was CONSTANTLY pushing his music in The Streets!!! My dumb ass got a job tho….


But yea…


And it felt goood….even actually made a sell…
THIS is the type of shyt that makes me believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Not that I didn’t believe that before…but a little reaffirmation never hurt the sexy people of the world yet has it???

And just in case you have read this far & are making faces & are disgusted because you believe I was slanging drugs today….shame on YOU!!!! I closed that chapter in my life almost a decade ago. The on thing I slang on the block is music….

And this dick….