by NÜK

     Because I felt that The Law of Attraction is not explained in a functioning & easy to relate way, I started a group on Facebook. It is about 5 months old and I would still like to say that it is VERY young. I have around 15-20 active members out of 60. I delete the dead weight regularly & post in the group Monday – Saturday.

I am not too sure if YOU personally are in very many groups on Facebook, but I would like to believe that the group I start is more than a “group on Facebook”. I have had an AMAZING response from the ladies in my group. Yes, LADIES!!! The group is predominately female & I am honestly blessed that they rock with what I am doing!!!

Without going into much detail, I have noticed that the world that WE live in has, not only fallen apart, but has also been set on fire!!! I just wanted to bring something a bit different to the table. Maybe refine a few of my own personal qualities in the process. I welcome ALL who are interested in self refinement & becoming more attractive to the present to join the group in the link provided!!!

Thanks in advance for reading!!! Ill see YOU in the group!!!