The Ism of Race

by NÜK

How do I make a point without sounding like a bigot or an unopened mind?

All I know Is: I went to DC & Baltimore and was given the dirtiest looks because I was being & doing me!
It doesnt matter the race of people who gave me the looks, because it was more than one.

So yeah…
I kinda feel I have a right to say what ever the fuck I feel about WHOever I feel…


What the fuck is your issue? IS there a problem? LET ME FUCKIN KNOW!!!! I shouldnt have someone Im with tell me they feel uncomfortable because an ENTIRE restaurant is watching his EVERY move….an we were not even IN the fucking place!!!! There was a few levels of disrespect on the part of some people that I just so happened to be on grand graces. I just dont understand it….maybe Im not supposed to understand it???



You mothafucka are starting to piss off!!! From the music you create & pass off as entertainment to the little petty shit like kill each other DAILY & be ok with it, but the moment someone that is NOT black kills one of ours, it becomes a HUGE deal. Lack of self respect & respect for those around you. I mean, Im not going on a tirade & saying that black people are “this, that & the other” but….

*in my Ed Lover voice*

C’mon Son!!!

The rest of you colored or non colored, pigmented & non pigmented people are…not worth me talking about. Not because ya’ll are better than the 2 stated above, but more so because I understand what yall mothafuckas is doing!!!! While the 1st two races fight & bicker with each other….ya’ll are living life tryna survive like civilized humans!!!!

You’re not slick….

And before I close this, allow me to say fuck you if you have something negative to say towards me or anyone who comments. I don’t need your type of bullshyt around me….it clouds actual reality….