“The 1st Day of the rest of my life…” – Xzibit

by NÜK

Hello out there in internet land!!!!


It’s been a minute…..

I honestly cannot begin to explain in writing the things that I have been learning recently. As a result of me learning different things, I have been trying to do different things as well. And that is what I have been dealing with. 

It is one thing to TALK about what I would like to do, but the ACTION required for me to do what I would like to tell you I will be doing is the FIRST step into making my words a reality. Your words as well….

…but whose blog  are you reading right now… 


In an attempt at refining myself daily, I will be cataloging my life more frequently. My current issue is constancy! I guess that means write more than just songs…

And Knowing Is Half The Battle!!!!

The other half is funding the battle….or somin like that…but the most important part of me refining who & what I am is to better understand why I am. 

That might give me some peace of mind….