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Month: April, 2012

“Sketches, Vol.1”

Don’t mind me…I was just testing out an app…& it works!!!

I guess I could come up with some backround on the release?? 

“Sketches” is a collection of songs that were written during the creative process of completing my first comercial release. I actually almost lost my life while writing that album, and it is still not finished. After I got my life some what together, I recorded & released these songs.

The EP is 5 tracks for 4.95 and is an online only release.

To those that took the time to check out the link: Thank You!

To those purchased the project: I owe U a fuckin cookie!!!


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Lemons into Lemonades!!!

Being as vague as possible, I will hurt somebody if provoked. Period.

And I currently feel like Im being threatened…
In order for me to not go forward with the actions that I know will likely occur, especially the more I try to go against  the occurrence, I am going to switch up my line of thinking & do the unexpected.

Or maybe it is expected? This might be what they want me to do….
And if that is the case? So be it!

I have not folded…I just know how to make lemonades….


The Ism of Race

How do I make a point without sounding like a bigot or an unopened mind?

All I know Is: I went to DC & Baltimore and was given the dirtiest looks because I was being & doing me!
It doesnt matter the race of people who gave me the looks, because it was more than one.

So yeah…
I kinda feel I have a right to say what ever the fuck I feel about WHOever I feel…


What the fuck is your issue? IS there a problem? LET ME FUCKIN KNOW!!!! I shouldnt have someone Im with tell me they feel uncomfortable because an ENTIRE restaurant is watching his EVERY move….an we were not even IN the fucking place!!!! There was a few levels of disrespect on the part of some people that I just so happened to be on grand graces. I just dont understand it….maybe Im not supposed to understand it???



You mothafucka are starting to piss off!!! From the music you create & pass off as entertainment to the little petty shit like kill each other DAILY & be ok with it, but the moment someone that is NOT black kills one of ours, it becomes a HUGE deal. Lack of self respect & respect for those around you. I mean, Im not going on a tirade & saying that black people are “this, that & the other” but….

*in my Ed Lover voice*

C’mon Son!!!

The rest of you colored or non colored, pigmented & non pigmented people are…not worth me talking about. Not because ya’ll are better than the 2 stated above, but more so because I understand what yall mothafuckas is doing!!!! While the 1st two races fight & bicker with each other….ya’ll are living life tryna survive like civilized humans!!!!

You’re not slick….

And before I close this, allow me to say fuck you if you have something negative to say towards me or anyone who comments. I don’t need your type of bullshyt around me….it clouds actual reality….


“The 1st Day of the rest of my life…” – Xzibit

Hello out there in internet land!!!!


It’s been a minute…..

I honestly cannot begin to explain in writing the things that I have been learning recently. As a result of me learning different things, I have been trying to do different things as well. And that is what I have been dealing with. 

It is one thing to TALK about what I would like to do, but the ACTION required for me to do what I would like to tell you I will be doing is the FIRST step into making my words a reality. Your words as well….

…but whose blog  are you reading right now… 


In an attempt at refining myself daily, I will be cataloging my life more frequently. My current issue is constancy! I guess that means write more than just songs…

And Knowing Is Half The Battle!!!!

The other half is funding the battle….or somin like that…but the most important part of me refining who & what I am is to better understand why I am. 

That might give me some peace of mind….