Remembering Yesterdays & Posting Tomorrows

by NÜK

Last night, while out with my underage brother, I went to a bar & he got in without ID. Seeing as how my brother only knew Chief Cannon, he might have been uncomfortable!!

When Cannon took the mic & started performing I promise I seen a few things that should have been kept in the house THAT night! Then my brother thru “da deuce” at a Heman chick & she started throwing gang signs at him!!!

Kinda mad I ain’t get that on tape….

I touch the mic 2wice & then left before I offended someone. My brother was gettin hit on by a HUGE female! She got mad when he told her to back up…she seemed nice tho…

The reason I’M TYYPING this is because you weren’t there & I figured you might want to know….