Saw A Crackhead 2day

by NÜK

Out n about makin some moves with my momma & we parked the car.

I say: Y is that skeleton lookin at us momma?

This female then proceeds to knock over the trash, pick up the trash, strut across the street & eyeball me & my momma thru the hoop ride!!!


Me & momma exchanged words & then I looked behind the car & she VANISHED!!!!


I promise you there was no trace of her ass!!!

At this point I’m DYING!!! I can’t hold it….& then she reappears….and poses the ugliest pose ever in front of my hoopty!!! She had a small orange afro, pink jumpsuit & looked like a african american Popeye The Sailor in the face.

She stragles across the street after waiting for the car at the stop sign to give the signal to cross, then leans against a truck that soon pulls off. She locks the latch on a broken chain link fence & stumbles into the house….

Moral of this blog?

I didn’t know people smoked crack so casually during the day in Pittsburgh…….go figure…..