Living Life & Loving It

Month: January, 2012

Change (& The Ripple Effect)

Now I’m not Obama, but I feel that if we don’t pursuit a change for the better, things will only get worse! It seems like simple logic right?


I mean…look around…tell me what do YOU see?

There is something going on that is beyond me…but I refuse to allow it to effect my surroundings!!! That is something I do have under control. I CAN change that!!!

And I intend on doing so….

*drops a stone in the pond*


Does It Even Matter?

I woke SUPER early 2day to play videogames & smoke weed (honestly), after a marathon of one FUSTRATING game I decided to start marking my calender for the upcoming month.

Then I realize I didn’t know what day it was…

Or how many days are in this month…

…and I had no reason to care!!!

Not because I don’t have anything important to do, but more so because certain people have become predictable in my life….

Certin thing have become predictable as well. I can say that I am not to happy about that. I need to change my surroundings in order to get a better grip on this life I’m leading….

I believe its time to leave the state again…


Ain’t This Just Like Nipples?

Nobody pays attention anymore…

I…I honestly have a very little…

….its a BUTTERFLY!!!!

But that not what matters right now.

I just hope it matters before it doesn’t matter any more….




Same Shyt….New Year….

I honestly don’t even know how to to begin this piece…

I promise the new year started off with a murder.

And then  another one…

That actually leads me to believe that people really don’t appreciate this New Year. Or anything else for that matter. So….yeah….

 I for one plan on being a bit different this year. I won’t even do it for my musics sake….Im doing it for the people who actually LISTEN to the words I say in my music. I feel that certain things I have said are worth hearing. People WANT to listen to it.

I will also try to give myself more face time on Youtube. Im not truly comfortable in front of cameras…never have been. But I feel that instead of making winded blogs that FEW will read, I can present them in video form.


Yea….I have more to say…but in an effort of being brief, I will stop right here & say enjoy the rest of YOUR week & don’t forget to pray.

*kool aid smiles & cracks my dry ass lips*