If Only This Lasted Longer

by NÜK

As those who keep current may know, I returned from Los Angels, California a few weeks ago…


The only way to put LA in words is to say: GO!!!

You MUST go to LA!!!! Just to see what it looks like if anything!!!

I advise that….

But that’s not what this is about. After I returned from the west Coast & headed back East, I was treated to soon GRAND views (as seen ion Facebook). Its not often that one see’s things of this nature….

It put me in a trance at times….

And right when I was actually enjoying myself….

We landed back in Pittsburgh!!!

Kinda pissed me off….well….it actually DID piss me off!!! But I have been using that as fuel to help me get back to that feeling I once had. A fleeting feeling….

Realistically Speaking:

Nothing Last Forever!!! But as long as the ride was worth it….does it even matter?

All Love,



Taco Trucks Are Fuckin AWESOME!!!