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Month: December, 2011

One Day @ a Time (Changes)

I know it’s not just me

But I try not to fall into the rut of doing the same thing REPETITIVELY on a daily basis!

As I watch the world around me I can see that there are those that are comfortable with being in that place of comfort….

It Cant Be ME!!!

Moving closer to the “New Year” will only bring better things to those that finish off this year properly!!! Some are so quick to jump into something else when they are not finished with the last…closure.

Im only TRULY about ONE thing…
…and I know a few thousand ways to get it…
I guess you can say that is that “Change” that I bring!

Like the weather…
…I don’t want to be what I was yesterday…
Predictably Different!


But more like a Gift to all Men
2 B trapped until you die
Inside of ya own skin


If Only This Lasted Longer

As those who keep current may know, I returned from Los Angels, California a few weeks ago…


The only way to put LA in words is to say: GO!!!

You MUST go to LA!!!! Just to see what it looks like if anything!!!

I advise that….

But that’s not what this is about. After I returned from the west Coast & headed back East, I was treated to soon GRAND views (as seen ion Facebook). Its not often that one see’s things of this nature….

It put me in a trance at times….

And right when I was actually enjoying myself….

We landed back in Pittsburgh!!!

Kinda pissed me off….well….it actually DID piss me off!!! But I have been using that as fuel to help me get back to that feeling I once had. A fleeting feeling….

Realistically Speaking:

Nothing Last Forever!!! But as long as the ride was worth it….does it even matter?

All Love,



Taco Trucks Are Fuckin AWESOME!!!