I Found My Mind

by NÜK


Life is crazy (as we ALL know) …
My last blog was like 4 days ago
I was the happiest person in the world (acording to what people was tellin me on the 1st!)…
The 3rd…
I got into a car accident…
THIS BIOTCH hits my passenger side and now nobody can eva ride shotgun in that bitch…front or back!
I wont give details but lets just say this….
It was my fault (according to {blind}eye witnesses)
But Im okay…
In fact…
Im great!
And you know why ladies and gents!
Beacuse I found my damn mind!
I was put into such a damn shock that I found that bitch!
I smiled tru all of it! (Until she started cussin at me for her hitting MY ride!)
I guess you could say somin in my brain clicked and my concence (or howeva YOU spell it) found some deep thought that lead it to my mind…

“You found your mind?”
Hell Yea!
Everybody been said I lost that bitch and what not…
I dont know how they knew but they been sayin it for like 15 years!
I look at life so differently than I was when I was looking at it different before…
Its like it all makes sense now!
Since then Ive been working on new songs for my 3rd album…
I know the 1st aint even out yet but when I feel like writin….

I got to wondering about alot of thing while I was restraning myself from knocking that bitches teeth down into her lungs….
What if…
How come…
When should…
You know shyt like that….
But no “Why’s”!
Its a whole new feeling ya’ll!
Im so focused right now its crazy!

“What its gonna cost ya to fix ya car?”
It dont even matter…
I got bread to buy a new one, lets just put it like that…

I live by a code most people say…
What goes around comes around…
It does so dont play with yaself (unless u a freaky one like that)
I got mines…
Ill get it again…
Ill get yours too if it came down to that!
It matters not to me anymore…
All because I found my MIND!
All that matters to me is that Im Alive!
Do you understand that?
FUck that car!
Fuck the money its gonna cost to fix it!
The shyt I gotta go thru BEFORE I fix it (its gonna be a minute…I got other things to do with my money…)
Fuck those who dont care!
Fuck them who doubt!
Those who dont belive!
Them who want!
Them who take!
Love them who hate!
Cause after everything is said and done…



I found my mind….

I found somin that most people lost sooo long ago that they dont even know they dont have it anymore!

I have somin that most people dont even THINK they need to get thru life…

I OWN somin that CANNOT be takin away from me….


So how do you think I feel?
Oh so coo wit it!
Pleasebelive Im Cocky!
Who gon stop me?

And whats the BEST part of all this!
Is that…
For the 1st tyme in MY LIFE!
IM on my way to the best place in the world…

A peace of mind….
How can you ever have that…
If you dont have a mind to start with?

Young Nuk

Mind [mind]
n (plural minds)
1.  seat of thought and memory: the center of consciousness that generates thoughts, feelings, ideas, and perceptions, and stores knowledge and memories

2.  thinking capacity: the capacity to think, understand, and reason
has a logical mind

3.  concentration: concentration, or the ability to concentrate

4.  way of thinking: an opinion or personal way of thinking about something

5.  state of thought or feeling: the state of thought or feeling that is regarded as usual or desirable

6.  desire: the desire or intention to act or behave in a particular way

7.  intellectual person: somebody considered in terms of his or her intellect or intelligence

8.  thinking characteristic of particular group: a pattern of thinking or feeling characteristic of a particular group

9.  philosophy nonmaterial things: in the philosophy of Descartes, all things that are not matter

Changes are on the way…..