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It Comes and Goes

Here I sit…

Tis’ the date of your birth! Thirty years ago I was cursed into this blessing of a world…
I have had a rollercoaster ride of stories and memories that have crafted and molded this individual writing these words. The moments that were experienced are nothing compared to what I have envisioned for myself and those closet around me.

I’m getting drunk tonight…

It’s not like this day has not been on the horizon for some time, but I didn’t plan for this either. I stopped doing that when Ü turned “21”. But I will say that I have set high expectations for myself since last August. I am NOT where I want to be, much like yourself, but I am also not a quitter.

*sips the cognac*

My reality will be changing soon…

Looking back at ALL of my actions over the last 8 years, I have made a LOT of selfish decisions. And I would do it again in a heartbeat! Fuck you if Ü feel or think otherwise. You have NOT lived these moments. But I will say that I have fucked up a LOT as well. I will be making sure that my fuck ups were not in vain, but I am SO tired of what I have built for myself. It is an even more somber thought that I have brought another life into this situation I have created.

All in all, I am grand…

Even if it doesn’t seem that way. It is all just a waiting period. It comes and goes though…
The best way I could describe it is like the sway of a pendulum. There are two Highs and one Low. The low happens quick! So quick that some people barely even notice it. After the low point comes one of the highs, an apex and then a fall…

I got distracted and thought about my sign. Being born on the cusp and whatnot. The irony of it all. And then watching my one year old daughter dance to reggae is the icing on the cake.

Just like that.

Happy Born Date Young Sir!


T. L. Lewis

Scales 2

The Way I’ve Been Feeling Lately

Depression is a disease that can occur based on many different levels of mental struggle.

Back in April of this year (’15), I had my entire Summer planned into the Fall. I foreseen a VERY eventful four month run of musical misadventure! I planned things that were going to catapult my music career to the next level that I have bleed & cried for over MANY years! And then…


I almost cried in those 24 hours.

I lost a grip of something inside my skin…

Not because I didn’t get to share the stage with a Legend in my industry, but more so because I let myself succumb to the  failure of letting myself down. The saying “Never put all your eggs in one basket” is SO true! I experienced what that means on multiple occasions during my time “trying to make it”. But this time…was different…

Since June 27th, I have lost two members of my family. I was able to attend only one funeral. I can not even begin to explain how much that pains me. Especially since I saw and spoke to one at the last funeral I attended. I truly understand how ones presence can be needed in times of upmost distress. It sucks being SO close and still far away.

Moving forward, I can only begin to rebuild the mainframe I was in, before I placed my mental where I stand currently. As of todays date, I am still at a loss for certain words. Coming to grips with the reality that others are facing. In the same breath, readjusting to the reality that I truly desire is what will bring me to the sunshine I once warmly felt!

But alas…

It’s always cloudy in Pittsburgh, PA…



The Souls Search

So here I am, contemplating The Universe again…

I do believe that every one of us get to a point where we want a “Change” to occur in our life. Something that can be considered a turning point in the fabric of Time. While most of us may wish or hope that these points be blessed upon us, others are actively seeking to shape the world around them. I was NOT one of those people…

Currently, my perspective on what IS and what is not can not be wavered. I have seen the darkness and have allowed it to consume the light in my life in the past. I know there is the blessed success I have stressed these last few decades! I have allowed depression and regression to shape the way I operate this realm of infinite possibilities. Lately, my stresses have vanished and I have attempted to replace them with….something….

I’m getting that itch…


Artist: LD Grant

Artist: LD Grant

It Comes & Goes

I know I have fell back a LOT from “online activities” lately. But the truth is, I have been a bit more focused on being more connected with those in my personal eyes view. I don’t want to be caught up in thinking that the little faces I see in the pictures are truly a part of the space I am currently occupying…

I hope that makes sense?


What I have noticed lately about myself is truly interesting, to me at least. I have become more introverted and contemplative. I have begun to eliminate “excess”. The attempts at making my surroundings more tolerable are are beginning to take a toll on my mental…more so now than in the past. And even though I have not given up hope yet, that terrible towel is about to take flight VERY soon!

The most positive thing that I have been feeling on the horizon?

I am getting that itch again! I have been feeling like writing NEW & FRESH music!!! It is just hard trying to find the right person to work with. I tend to be picky with the types of sounds and melodies I lay my vocals, feelings, emotions & turmoils down on. Producers these days seem to be following a script or something. Everything sounds the same sonically lately. Or maybe that is just me? Either way, I found a new producer to work with! If all things go grand, I will be releasing a track with him before winter. In the meantime, I have recorded a few verses here and there that I will be releasing on Soundcloud over the next few weeks. Stay posted for that…

Guess Ill end this right here because them peoples are watching me and looking hungry, so, something must be done apparently…


The Way Things Are

I truly can’t change the way the Earth cycles.
Believe me, I have seriously contemplated it!

The last few days have been amazing in one way or another, but yet, I still feel that something is missing. I due tend to over compensate for certain things that are missing in my life, but even then I don’t ponder to deeply about the things I can’t change. But I have been taking a LOT of time to focus on the things that I CAN change.

My current situation is leaving me to believe that there IS more on the horizon for my family. The next course of action is the build a “plan of action” in order to better guide us in this journey up ahead. The things that are stopping me from going further is my approach to my surroundings and the people in them. Even when it come to the internet, I need to figure out the BEST approach to using it to MY advantage and not just to somehow use it to “speed my success”.

I will do my damn best to make sure that I remain on the path that I am building! I have been working TOO hard this past decade! I WILL actualize the realities of my dreams!



The Life We Lead

Dynamic shifts can occur within an INSTANT! My time in Pittsburgh is a testament to that statement…

I find myself in a similar crossroad of choices to make.
I’ve made some difficult choices for other people recently.
Something MUST be done in order to contain with little sanity is left in the mental.
How important is YOUR state of well being in the presence of others?

Now, personally, I have came to a point where I must make a one of my STRONGEST power moves in order to better grasp my experience and mold it into what I believe is fitting for having a functioning reality. My current focus is consistency. The plan is to continue to bring what I am known for bringing:


In order to inner-stand where I am coming from over the next few months, the goal is to make sure that what is being read, matches what I have envisioned for my surroundings. These writings will be like Jellybeans in the forest of my life! A trail to follow upon if I were to lose my way, train of thought, or sense of direction towards what I can see from my soul. But first, a funeral and a reunion…


“Everybody Got Choices” – @E40 #SummerOfKings

Looking forward into the future, I can see that I have been making all the right decisions lately. Everything that I have PUT MYSELF through has sharpened me into a Ginsu knife in multiple way. Looking at all of the options that are in front of me, I can positivity say that I have decided upon which path I intend to walk.

Just a lil foreshadowing of something  MAJOR…

Until then, let The Consoler speech at chu a few tymes!
Ill get back at y’all in a few…




I look back over these last few months and I almost want to slap the thoughts out my mental.

I have been wanting to write about MAJORITY of the things that have put my family through, but I honestly do not have the time to relay those experiences currently. I WILL say that I am done with a LOT of nouns in my personal surroundings. Taking care of the home front is what matters most at this time. I have generations ahead and behind me that are “waiting on me”.

Pressure is what makes diamonds right???
Even though I do not like those things, it is the process that matters most.
The process that we are going through presently is a personal one.
A cluster is a combination of of similar things working together…

I be rambling sometimes
I DO know that I am in a happy place right now! But that does not mean that I am happy. The next step is to clear my name of the stains I have recently acquired. I might really have to start making Youtube videos shortly…

Back to the mud…


And The I said Fuck It…

Real quick before I have to make this hour long pilgrimage to make these nickels:

I have been meaning to get back on my writings for a LONG time now. Being that I “want to make an impact” with people who do’t even know me, I have over strained and stressed myself about this that only TRULY matter to ME. Even though there are those around me that have grand intentions, it still boils down to “What I eat, doesn’t make Ü shyt”.

I appreciate those that have gone out of their way to embrace The Young Man! I truly don’t know what it would be like doing what I love without the appreciation I have been getting these last few years. It is not very often that I can sit back and say I have touched and affected people, in one way or another. But it has been a LONG time since I have touched myself ( in both ways ).

And then DMX gets arrested for child support…

I have taken a HUGE blow on many levels by that happening on SUCH a short notice. It has put me in a state of reflection and re-direction. I KNOW things we be “greater later”, but that does not change my NOW. Presently, I am no longer amused by the antics that I see privy to social media. And even worse, the antics and attitudes of the people before the profile pictures. I have started to see the boundary lines diminish rapidly. The respect level that some people have is at an all time low. I will NOT tolerate that shyt!!!

So, if for whatever reason Ü are able to read this, I would like to take this time to advise Ü that I am starting to give a fuck more! Which means, with all due respect, I could careless what makes me favorable in YOUR eyes & mind. This has given me the ability to control MY world and environment. With as many times as I have said “I don’t give a fuck” about certain situations, it turns out that I do. And now, I have to start giving a fuck about myself before anything else that I believe matters to another person not living this life that I lead.



“Had to take a break! Get my life straight…” – @NUKnoE

Last August, I took a break from creating “new” music. After completing my Ep “Sketches vol.2: #Unbalanced”, I turned my focus on my family. Call it the new baby adjustment phase!

Currently, after a LONG journey of experiences and new endeavors, I feel comfortable “doing me” again. I posted a video on Instagram the other day of my daughter dancing to me freestyling and listening to instrumentals. I think it is safe to say that she LOVES music and I can now let the bass vibrate her to sleep.

For whatever reasons that it may be, I have pulled myself away from writing to my audience. I wish I could give a PROPER explanation, but I can’t – so look at this puppy!

My mission is to re-write my life, give me light in a fight for whats right, all the while, CONTINUOSLY delivering what I am known to give. I am even making efforts to do things that I have not done before. There might even be a push to polish the gold that I have laying around in the attic of my musical mansion. It all starts by taking the first step into what is called “productivity” and “organization”.

So to all who may have been wondering where I may have been hiding at with these blogs:

I’m just tryna get my life right….



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