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Pennies Add Up!

I am NOT a financial advisor or consultant.

I have always heard about “Penny Stocks” and “Ü can take $100 and make 10k!” type of things, but I was never able to find em. Nobody told me where to go to look. Nobody wanted to tell me the companies! Well, Im here to say this:

I still don’t know! But I have a better ideal!

So look, other than NASDQ & DOW JONES, there are other types of markets the allows one to purchase shares of a company. Truly, i only know about The Pink Sheets & The Over The Counter (OTC) markets. But THAT is where you will find your “penny stocks”! I ALSO found out that “penny stocks” can be as much as $5 a share and still be considered a “penny stock”.

So yeah, that’s all this is about. Just wanted to sauce whoever might need this info. And if I got something wrong, feel free to correct me!


200+ FREE Documentaries That Will Expand Your Consciousness!


I found this link YEARS ago! A LOT of the docs are still up. I kinda have been going back over a few of them.

==> HERE <==

Let me know what Ü think!!!


Dr. Stone: Stone Wars #Review

I guess I’ll have to speak about Season 1 at some point, but for now…

Without ANY spoilers, I am truly upset at how everything ended. The last two episodes made me want to punch puppies. Every with Super Sayjin Scientist Senku at the helm, I still didn’t like the ending.

True, there will be another season, but I just thought there could have been another way. I AM satisfied though! The progression from the 1st episode until the epilog was phenomenal. I understand why things played out the way they did. The Kingdom of Science is like the stone age Wu Tang!

All and all, I feel that things are going to rapidly progress moving forward! So much so that i can’t wait till next February. I gotta find a place to read the manga!!


Click The Picture For A Crunchyroll Link

It Sucks But…

Been doing a LOT of moving these last few years. I haven’t done any recording in the last for or 5 years. Finally got to a place of stability aaaannnnd:

My Hard drive with ALL my recorded music from the past decade is NOT booting.

I have come to peace with this.
I’ll write more about it later.
My soul has to cry for a minute.


Let’s Get MetaPhysical!!!

Straight to it:

I like to ponder on EXTREME mental stimulants!

One of the things I have been introduce to in the last decade or so of my life is the area of metaphysics; or pseudoscience to some. I tend to research and look into so crazy shyt mayne!!! I figured that would give me a bit to speak about in these daily blogs. I have gotten passionate about this field of study and have people close to me who are also passionate in different areas than my own.

I will say that some of this shyt might be SOOOO far out there that Ü will call me some shyt under your breath, but keep in mind, I don’t have a fuck to give towards your opinion of what I do during this precious life. I will say this tho!!! If Ü have a counter argument, HIT ME WITH IT!!! I am not closed minded to the point where I won’t consider ideas, concepts, arguments, or point of views. Just keep in mind, the foundation of your argument must stand on pillars of Katchin!

I hope Ü enjoy the research that I have spent some years looking into! Not ALL of it I just outright submit my thinking pattern towards, but most of it…


Still F.R.E.S.H.H.

So yeah, I have been BULLSHYTIN’ when it comes to my podcast. I have put it on hold and truly have only been doing interviews on the side. This comes from the lack of WANTING to create content. Its a LOT harder to do than I realized! Now, I have to start doing something. The goal is to start using my blog to seed my pod, giving me something to speak about that I have already touched based on, in a way.

With that being said, I will be starting to do the show again on Sundays. In the near future, I may even be taking it off BlogTalkRadio and hosting it myself or just recording and posting in various places.

The topics won’t stray from what has already established, but I will be adding as much content needed to help keep the program as interactive as my (now) daily blog. I’ll actually have an major music announcement this month so stay tuned for that!

Until then, anybody know an inexpensive logo designer???


Nookie Cookie!!!!

With love & respect to my Uncle LaMont, thats the name he used to call me from my birth up until his death a few years ago. Not that I even think he knew this about me, but I actually know how & like to cook! With the pandemic making being at the home a new experience of a lifetime, i have been doing a LOT of baking (my preferred method of cooking) and flexing this wrist game in the kitchen. I’m will be posting about these experiences of trail, error and deliciousness.

I’ll even get around to posting the recipes of these creations. Ill get the children involved so they can have content for their Youtube lives. This has already been happening behind the scenes, but the documentation will become the new hotness for the masses.

I’m a bad mothafucca in that kitchen!
Shiiid, I just made some Almond-Oatmeal Raisin Cookies the other day!
I’ll tell y’all about it…


I Am Not A Financial Advisor

I PROMISE Ü I’m so pissed off I didn’t put a little bit of my stimmy into GameStop when I saw it was at $4 a share last year! As I write this, it is currently at $170 and climbing! Don’t get me wrong, I bought SOME, and it was my 1st ever stock purchase! But I could have bought MORE!!!


And I have been kicking myself everyday for not taking advantage of that opportunity. And don’t get me wrong, I’m still IN there, but not like I wanna be….ya’ll know what I’m saying…

What this all boils down to is: I wanna start blogging about this MARKET!!! #GME got me excited for what I can learn! I am all in this thang now! I have been looking at getting in the market for roughly 4 years. All I can thing about is the 4 years of GAINS I potentially missed out on.

So, yeah…this is where I will be posting all of my research for the companies that I will be investing in and WHY I will be doing so. This is more so for those that I have in my close inner Triangle, but it’s free info and graphs for those that care for this type of thing. This is a way to take all of my paper finding and put them in a place that is easily accessible for me and mines. This is NOT /r/WallStreetBets but I do fox with the retarded apes and have learned a few things from the smooth brains contained in the group.

I’m just here to spread this info as I come across it and hopefully make a dollar or ten!



I have always liked anime!

But recently (let’s say the last year or so), I have taken a deep interest in the genre. So much so that, thanks to Netflix & Hulu, I have cleared a FEW different anime in a short time. Even my daughter has cleared EVERY episode of Pokémon ever created.

I will start reviewing and seeking out MORE anime to watch. I will be cataloging that journey, as well as writing about those that I have watched and find favor. If Ü don’t know OR if Ü got something Ü want to add to my playlist, hit me!


Currently Watching

The Daddy Diary

I wanted to start a whole ass other blog to speak about my “Daddy Duties” in grand detail. Then I realized that I’m doing too much much and here we are! I will just make this topic one of the categories Ü can select to search from. Whats funny is: I’ve waited SO long to “Make It Happen” that a radio host in Dallas has the same concept! Everybody ain’t sleep…

I tend to think of myself as an introverted entertainer – an Intertainer, if Ü will. I get the job done and go home. I tend to leave my family out of MY art and motion. I also don’t like the idea of the Epstein’s of the planet getting off on my younglings, so I tend to stray from mentioning them and posting hella flics, but its unfortunate that my children WANT to be a part of this Youtube World that these parents have created for these children.

With all things (for the most part) considered, I’ll let Ü lightweight see what I see through, what my daughter calls my “invisible daddy eyes”. I’m still not keen on the pictures n things but those will be coming sooner or later. Just sit back and enjoy these stories though!

My children are hilarious!


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