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I’m Being Watched #ConspiracyFact

Beyond the Internets and mobile devices that we all carry, there lives a being that we lost sight of long ago. Even as I sit and write this prose, I am very well aware that I don’t see this being anymore. Like a gentle tug, I can sometimes feel a mental nudge pushing me in a forward direction. But once I start moving, I am slung backwards by the one thing I have trouble controlling.

The cell phone cameras, the webcams, the photo shoots, the poses, the phone smiles…all caught in the moment. Even videos have started to play a part in this “Life” as we have come to know it. More people spend time practicing for pictures than anything of grand use. Selfish is a selfie world. And even then, people are still blind…

I have found myself in an interesting situation lately. I have been is a self confinement for SO long, that I can now witness my flaws in REAL TIME. In an instant, I can see the effect and affect that the littlest (or so I thought) of movements can frighten people. My rough demeanor has become more than a shell, it has become an armor of some sort. My every action makes the loudest of noises.

And then, I have yet to speak!

Somewhere in the bible there is something about the tongue being a double-edged sword. I have the tendency to throw daggers when I speak…hard, harsh, straight to the point! My tact is NOT of the best caliber. I have been finding it difficult to explain my thoughts in a logic that is free from the “self confinement” it has been under for so long. It is like turning a rock into a diamond. I will get there with enough polish! And eventually I will be able to see what other people see in me. The good, the bad, and the fucked up.


Get It Together #BeautifulPeople

Black America (BET)

Dangerous to the empire

White supremacist

45 million Black Americans

Divisions between black peoples

Billions being spent to divide them

Protesting & rallying is not dangerous

Police in america will kill a nigga

45 million people have spending power

Stop buying Jordans

Corporate empire

Control your bank accounts

Black money should be spent with black people

Hard organization

Support is needed

It is simple

Stop buying shyt from white business

You end the game



The Business of Building a Business #CreatingJobs

I created my first business when I was 20 years old. I had ZERO concept of what I was doing it for! I only knew that I wanted a certain outcome to occur. I jumped into a rocket ship and said fuck a seatbelt!!! I still own and operate that business. And now, I must do something different for a minute…

If Ü do not know, I have been a recording artist, professionally, for the last 11 or 12 years solid. I have been writing about my thoughts, feelings and random stories since I was like 6 or 7 years old. Out of ALL that time, I never thought that writing could be a profession! I had no ideal when I was 20 that I could write a CHILDREN’S BOOK and be closer to my family, while making enough to pay rent, utilities, phones, and what ever else pops up to keep me keeping my head above water!

The honest truth about my first business?

It truly never payed for ANY of my “Personal Bills” on a regular. And seeing that I had to constantly work for someone else in order to FUND my “Side Hustle”, I was constantly paying for EVERYTHING that I NEEDED in order to “Do what I love”!!! Even though I LOVE doing what I do, this business is NOT what makes me happiest. So I created a few new outlets…

One of the most important “tactics” I have learned in the decade since my first business made a dollar?

Some advice I would like to give myself, and whoever will read this, is to include other people in your new endeavors. Do NOT for one minute think that YOUR project can be accomplished by just YOU alone. I feel that was biggest downfall with my first business. I tried to include individuals and not put them on a “Payroll”. In my defense, they didn’t want to WORK for MY GOALS the way EYE would WORK for them, so we never could see eye to eye towards a direction. I also was not one to compromise MY BRAND for someone else personal goals. THAT is where I fucked up…

My next business???

I have been working on a few different projects that have other to do with my original business. This is leading me to create a new platform for these new endeavors to sit on. I having been cleaning out my mental lately in an effort to make my next move as clear as possible! To those that have been reaching out and extending their support, I greatly appreciate Ü!!! I will be on a quest to bring better content and products to those that show the interest! Im currently just enjoying this little “time off” before 2015.


Handmade Soap

Handmade Soap

Churched Out!!! #SpirituallyInclined

I don’t have a good history with “Churches”.

I remember being at a Catholic Church for a Funeral. Everything from the architecture to the singing (?) reminded me of a final level boss battle from a videogame. It was my dads boss’ mother who had passed. I was SUPER young! The burning incense and chanting will remain in my mind forever.

I went to a few “black churches” in my time…they are NOT all the same! I saw an old lady Harlem Shake a few times and then pass out on the ground. These dude in white silky suits covered her with a white sheet, and I had to leave the building…I couldn’t take it!!! People were “Shabalaba’n” all around me n shyt! It was a POWERFUL atmosphere!!! I don’t care how young or high I was, THAT is NOT what I pictured “Church” being like!!!

I went to another church in Michigan when I was a little more older, a little more wiser…Ill just say its not for me. I can tell when Im being hustled (most of the time). Those collection plates are a SCAM!!! I promise they come around 4-8 times in a two hour period. It happens EVERY Sunday somewhere in this country. MILLIONS or maybe BILLIONS per month of Sundays!!!

Jesus ain’t have no house

I was raised “In The Truth”!!! Anybody who was raised as such will know what I means. But for those that do not, Jehovah Witnesses are not bad people…they ARE hardcore about that life though! Going to a “Kingdom Hall” and a “Church” are a day and night comparison. But at the end of the day, all the information is coming from that black or brown compilation of 66 “books”. So I eventurally found that God was OUTSIDE of those buildings…

My life, after kicking it with a Hindu Priest, has been nothing but grand experiences! I attribute that to my passion for knowledge and a quest to demolishing “The Box” people are in. Instead of being a “Follower”, be more of a “Leader of Self”! Teaching by example and asking the DEEP questions!!!

What WOULDJesus Do?



Non Nubian Nepotists!!! #FickleFavoritism

I just had a conversation with an older black man from D.C. who has lived in Pittsburgh, PA for the better part of 20 years. As this man was giving me a verbatim spill about his organization helping me find better employment, I lightweight snapped and told him: Fuck The System!!!! He laughed and broke his corporate continence when he said “The nepotism is a trip in Pittsburgh!”.

I had to reflect for a hot second…

While thinking about the times I have been fucked over for a promotion or a pay raise due to someone being “ahead” of me in some way, I got a little mad. And then I went upstairs and I gave this man a sample size portion of the soap that I create. I spoke to him about WHY I started making it. Before I could speak about it in-depth, my Queen told him about the lip balm I make. And then, like in a commercial n shyt, the lotion I make popped up & I told him to try some of it on.

As he put it on, he told me about how much his daughter and wife LOVES all natural products. He started to talk more about my product than the reason he was in my house! It made me think of when we went to the doctor and the children were telling the doctor about me making these things. The doctor said that they were like little Public Relations Experts on my products! That got me to thinking about this family enterprise a little harder.

The products are truly NOT on the market for sale yet, I have been sending out samples and getting a market feel for only two months. But within those two months, I have made SOME money! Which brings me back to the old feller in this post. Before he leaves my house, he told me that I have an entrepreneur sprit! He left my house in a confused state…happy…yet confused.

I do believe I am on to something with this soap thing!!!


Same Day; Different Shit. #SDDS

I remember waking up and write a new poem everyday for a month straight! I might take a break for a week or so, but then I would write about 7 – 30 more poems. I had a nice momentum for a minute! And then it all kinda stopped

Flash forward about 7 or 8 years and I am almost where I once was…
Those days of the past will NEVER be what they were.
Im cool with that though!

The last 7 years in Pittsburgh, PA  have molded me into The Young Man that stands before Ü today. I am still not a fan of the Steelers, but i respect the way the city unifies behind their squads. That type of unity is NOT seen often. In a way, it is inspiring…kinda…

But it is getting repetitive!

Beginning the day exactly the way it was the day before is what has been happening lately for me…
I have taken heed of this and will be making the adjustments needed.
Trying to do something a lil different!


The Cleared Space #FreeTime

In so many words: I now have an open schedule from now until January.

The year 2014 has been an adventure since I knew about it LAST December! I truly had ZERO #iClue as to where I would be in it right now!! But I did have a direction that I was chasing…

As I type these words, my main focus is to give those who have been waiting the longest what they want. I have made a LOT of Promises over the years that I intend on fulfilling within the next full circle. This time around I have a plan AND direction!!! I also have a Co-pilot & three attendants that are helping to navigate the Time & Space before us.

I feel like Silver Surfer AND Black Panther combined!!!

So, “Whats next for The Young Man”???

More of this & less of that


Fuck WOrk

Fuck Ü!!! Pay Me!!! #ChildSupport

A week later…

I have contemplated a LOT of areas in my life over the past 3 months. One thing that I want to do is narrow my personal focus on what I feel is the MOST important goal at that current time. MY goals are what are the MOST important TO ME at that time!!! And I have involved a LOT of people into what I do. And there are people who TRULY want to see me where EYE want to be!!!

The issue I have ran into?

I have allowed waaaaaayyyy too many to be onlookers, who either:

1) Don’t know ME & need to grab a seat over there…

2) Don’t know me & want me to take a seat over there.

3) Don’t even know how /or do not like to read, so they didn’t even make it THIS far to know that #3 is just a page filler!

So I must cut my losses & focus on the people AND businesses that EYE personally support. In the end, it works out for everybody that is INVOLVED in the bigger picture!!! It is not like I am “unreachable”…especially if Ü pay attention! And that is what my problem is…I pay attention…to EVERYTHING…waaaayyyy too much!!!

And now I must go back to the basics & build from the basement up!!! This might be the grandest gift I have given myself in years!!!



The Mighty Will Crumble

At the time of my writing this, my daughter is 30 days old. And as much as I hate to admit it, I use my daughter as a gauge for my current standings in life. Since she has came into our world, me and my Queen have been on a certified mission that’s POSSIBLE!!!

No more than a week after our child came into this world, I felt an urgency that I have been wasting my energies on frivolous matters…especially OTHER peoples “matters”. I immediately began to remove EVERYTHING possible with a negative effect from my MINDSIGHT. That took a physical toll on my body. It forced me to break out the Total Gym XLS that I bought and don’t use!

The moment that was done, I created a newsletter to keep people “posted” on the things occurring in my professional life. The ideal is grand!!! I am involved in a LOT of different areas of interest, I figured a newsletter would be a grand way to incorporate my business life with my social life. I don’t just make music & ask people to listen to it on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Instagram, Trumblr or Google+. I actually have things I LOVE to do! I have things I would LOVE to express!! I have things I LOVE to talk about!!! So the newsletter is a way for me to bring everybody under one roof give them the “Big Picture” of who they are captivated by.

Once I had that platform in motion, I immediately began to set in motion a Blog Talk Radio show. I had came up with a concept, a loose theme, a direction, a general ideal of what I wanted to do, what I wanted it  to be called and even a few ideas of different show programing…all in like 2 days!!! I had a few practice runs in secret so I could figure out how things worked. My siblings helped me out GREATLY promoting on their ends. When I launched my first official show, I had a decent turnout!!! I currently have an interview booked with a chief from New Orleans for my season finale in November!!!


This was all within the last 30 days…

Six days prior to the birth of my child I was in Cleveland Ohio. I had to cancel a trip to Michigan for next weekend because I have to prepare to open up for The Ying Yang Twins on the last saturday of this month. Im planning a trip to New Orleans in October for 3 birthdays on the 19th, 21st & 23rd. And to top it all off…I have a oil gasket seal leak in my hootpy and my daughter doesn’t have a clue about what 4:30am does to a person who has to wake up at 6:30am

I only wrote this for those who are expecting a few things from me & very rarely hear from me as it is.

I promise I am still listening & active!
Currently, I have taken on a bit more than I can handle…
Nothing I can’t get a grip on though!!!

But still…

It sucks feeling like Ü haven’t done enough…


The Price We Pay

I had an epiphany the other day!
And then it continued to happen everyday after that…

A while ago I wrote about Time. I didn’t truly comprehend what I was writing at that moment, but since that day, I started to learn and educate myself on things that EYE find interesting. Along the way, I discovered how precious each thought I think truly is! Which brings me to the predicament at hand.

Each day, as soon as I get out of bed, NOTHING that I do is what I WANT to do.

The exchange of my time is something I part with constantly. Even as I write these words, Ill never get to repeat those moments I had my back to my child. Im cool with that though…she might be as well ( I spent WAY too much time in her face! ). But when I have to go “provide” for her and the rest of the unit, I have to risk SO much for SO little!!! It is NOT a fair exchange!!!

I hear people justify their exchanges unconfidently to others. And they believe I am crazy for being as outspoken as I am. I believe they are crazy because they are, by definition, insane. So I end up questioning my sanity. Which sends me searching for more answers…

Gotta pay the bills” though…

But at what cost??




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